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Holistic Health Workshops

Introduction to Aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is a science which uses essential oils contained in certain aromatic plants. These oils are vegetable extracts which their aromas influences subtly stocked memories of the limbic system.

Each essential oil has its beneficial properties and is classified on a scale similar to the musical scale. Their notes could be base, medium or high and can be blended to synchronise and amplify their beneficial effects.

The 2019 workshop schedule is presentment to introduce you to the rudiments of essential oils and their possible applications.

Workshop code:

___Code 19-03-BN   Date: 2019-03-23       Time 1h00 to 5h00 PM          Base Notes
___Code 19-05-MN   Date 2019-05-11        Time 1h00 to 5h00 PM          Medium Notes
___Code 19-06-HN   Date 2019-06-15        Time 1h00 to 5h00 PM          High Notes
___Code 19-06-SN    Date 2019-06-29        Time 1h00 to 5h00 PM          Note Synchronisation

___Code 19-07-BN   Date 2019-07-08        Time 08h00 to noon               Base Notes
___Code 19-07-MN   Date 2019-07-15        Time 08h00 to noon               Medium Notes
___Code 19-07-HN   Date 2019-07-22        Time 08h00 to noon               High Notes
___Code 19-07-SN    Date 2019-07-29        Time 08h00 to noon               Note synchronisation


Cost: $150.00 each workshop, payable cash, E-Transfer or cheque payable to Carole Joly.  A deposit of $60.00 is required. This deposit is non-refundable unless the teacher cancels the course due to lack of registrations (minimum of 2 is required).




Well-being at work for companies

CJ Wellness offers services to promote health in the workplace.

For any business, employee health is very important and no one can afford a workforce that is ill.

Absenteeism due to illness can have a costly impact on the profit margin of a company. A day of absence less per employee during the year can make a significant difference. Health promotion is the key to a productive workforce and reflexology is a means by which to reach a well-being.

Employees can benefit from treatments offered. You are invited to book a day per month for your staff to enjoy a mini reflexology session. This treatment may be reimbursed by the individual insurance in some cases.

Sessions of one hour, 30, 15 or 5 minutes per employee can enhance their performance at work every week. This investment for your team may be refunded with increased work production.

Introduction to Reflexology

The following courses are designed for people interested in learning about this therapy and to practice reflexology on self or loved ones.

Come and learn
- The history of reflexology
- The benefits of reflexology
- An overview of reflex points
- Reflexology techniques

Different methods are available depending on your interest. They are 4 hour courses and seats are limited to a minimum of 2 participants and a maximum of 6.


Hand Reflexology:

___Code 19-03-HI          Date 2019-03-11   Time 8h00 to noon
___Code 19-08-HI          Date 2019-08-09   Time 1 to 5 PM
___Code 19-09-HI          Date 2019-09-21   Time 08h00 to noon

Facial Reflexology:

___Code 19-03-FI          Date 2019-03-13   Time 08h00 to noon
___Code 19-08-FI          Date 2019-08-16   Time 1 to 5 PM
___Code 19-10-FI          Date 2019-10-19   Time 1 to 5 PM


Foot Reflexology:

___Code 19-03-FoI         Date 2019-03-15   Time 08h00 to noon
___Code 19-08-FoI         Date 2019-08-23   Time 1 to 5 PM
___Code 19-11-FoI         Date 2019-11-23   Time 08h00 to noon

The cost is of $150.00 per participant per workshop. A $60.00 deposit is required to reserve your seat. The deposit will be reimbursed if the minimum participant requirement is not met and the class is cancelled by the teacher.

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