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Health promotion is a dynamic process whose main actor is ourself. It requires one to manage all of its dimensions, bio-psycho-socio-cultural and spiritual. This means making personal choices: eating right, playing, being physically active, sleeping, nourishing social links, applying oneself in meaningful work, contributing to the welfare of one’s community and being thankful for all the blessings in one’s life. These are personal choices.

These choices are made in all our activities of daily living, whatever our age. The consequences of these actions make us learn and grow as individuals. Stress is a beneficial life factor. It allows us to evolve, to master certain abilities and aim for a higher self-realization. It also requires management to maintain a life balance.

Health is a gift and it is our responsibility to maintain or promote our own health. Take a walk outdoors. Admire nature. Soak in aromatic bath water without haste and a set agenda. Practice yoga or Technique Nadeau.

Explore the benefits of complementary health therapies: Try a reflexology treatment. Celebrate your body, your true vehicle of life!




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